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CRM Software

Customer relationship management-CRM

CRM software is a system that enables businesses to build strong customer relationships and manage all relevant customer information and data. CRM includes tools and applications to collect, process and analyze data coming from various interaction channels such as website visits, phone calls, emails, social media and others. CRM software organizes and tries to make sense of all these disparate data in order to extract useful information that can show sales opportunities, and be used to create sales funnels as well as carry out sales and marketing campaigns.

Customer relationship management-CRM-ernakulam


  Customer Management.
  Reporting and dashboards.
  Lead management.
  Deals and Tasks.
  Campaign management.
  Email tracking.
  Social media management.
  Mobile version.

Customer relationship management-CRM

Modules Description

Contact management

Organizes customer data in a centralized location. Contact details, demographics, transactions, customer service interactions, and other customer data are easily saved and retrieved.

Reporting and dashboards

Consolidates streams of data in meaningful ways that help you to spot patterns, trends, behaviors, and other market insights. Many CRM solutions can also generate real-time data that makes reporting more timely and accurate.

Lead management

Manages leads from prospecting to conversion. It lets you track sales activities, deals, and tasks and move them across sales stages. It also connects to contact management to let you view customer interactions and profiles in one window. Most CRM solutions allow you to customize the pipeline stages.

Deals and Tasks

CRM lets you add, assign, and track actionable items and feed them into the sales pipeline. Deals and tasks can be automatically populated with customer data or updated with real-time information.

Campaign management

Manages campaigns from start to end, including setting up target customers, automating workflows, and measuring success based on clearly defined metrics.

Email tracking

Tracks opened or clicked emails and usually works with popular email clients and mailers like Gmail, Outlook, and MailChimp. Email tracking can be a part of campaign management or sold separately.

Social media management

Tracks social media activity of your audience, such as, likes and dislikes, comments, mentions, and shares. It can also be a part of campaign management or sold separately.

Mobile version

Many CRM solutions have Android and iOS apps, while others have mobile responsive sites.

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